Watching a movie together as a family can be a great way to stay connected. With just a little planning, you can be intentional about your movie selection and the discussions that follow. Check out a few of these films that fit the spirit of the season:

Monsters, Inc. (G)
One of Pixar’s most original concepts involves monsters whose city is powered by childrens’ screams. Chaos erupts and loyalties are tested when a "toxic" tot visits their world. Use the guide to discuss fear and friendship.
Monsters, Inc.

Where the Wild Things Are (PG)
An angry child of divorce discovers how hard it is to lead a family when he sails to a remote island and becomes king of a monster clan struggling with similar frustrations. Use the guide to discuss being afraid and angry.
Where the Wild Things Are

How to Train Your Dragon (PG) 

Despite wanting to fit in with his peers and please his dragon-slaying dad, a Viking teen secretly befriends one of the beasts that have been raiding his village. The movie has many themes to disuss as a family like acceptance, being yourself, etc.  How does the movie relate to the Armor Of God, Ephesians 6:10-18?  Use the guide to discuss mercy and seeking the approval of others.
How to Train Your Dragon

Night at the Museum (PG) 

A museum erupts in chaos after hours when all of the exhibits come to life. The new night watchman must restore order with empathy, compassion and sound leadership. Use the guide to discuss mistakes and leadership.
Night at the Museum